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Sleep is one of the most efficient ways to create a positively effect on our health. It is often the most overlooked. Lancaster Mattress Stores agrees we should get eight good hours of sleep per night. For all the members of our family, restful sleep does more than make us easier to tolerate. Sleep bolsters our mental, physical and emotional faculties. We simply perform better when we have proper rest. Especially for children, proper sleep is crucial to good school performance. All of these things are based on how well our mattress performs for us. Searching for the perfect mattress with the smart team at Lancaster Mattress Stores guarantees we make the right investment.

There are a great many reasons why our sleep could be off, and we tend to ignore them. One of the most commons reasons, believe it or not, is our sleep temperature. There is such a thing as 'sleep temperature' - the temperature at which we sleep best. Waking up because you tend to run hot or cool while sleeping can be solved with mattresses Lancaster Mattress Stores sells, like the ones made by Tempur-pedic, with material that offset body temps so that you can sleep continuously through the night.

Sleep is a major influence in health, especially for children who need sleep to grow. Our mental, emotional health and even the immune system are founded by sleep. It is key to quality of life Lancaster Mattress Stores believes, that makes shopping a quality mattress so critical.